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Are you paying attention to your friends?

It has been a very long while since last I made a blog post. So many things have happened during that time, yet for one of the few times in my life, I chose not to share them. Sure I shared some of the events on Facebook and Twitter, but with only minimum detail. What I did share was either something that many people had either known about or I had shared about in my past. But still I kept the information to a minimum.

If you took a look at my Facebook “friend” list you would see well over 600 people. Take a look at the “KIDS FIGHT CLUB” Facebook page and I have almost 900. And then there is the basically lifeless “SUTHUN MUSIK” page with its paltry 280 friends, most of which are already my friends on Facebook. I will get to my point on these numbers in a moment.

This isn’t a cry out for me. The close friends that I have are for the most part paying attention. They may not always understand what’s going on, but they do pay attention. I wonder if it’s the same for you?

* Do they notice when you are down?

* Do they notice when you are absent from your normal social media routine?

* Can they read between the lines about how you are feeling?

There is a message somewhere in that silence. There is something going on behind those little innuendoes and distant eyes. Sometimes a silent voice speaks louder than a lion’s roar.

Don’t let social media be the only link between family and friends. Reach out to them with a call, a card, or an old-fashioned letter. Be a light in the darkness. Without these things all those so-called “friends” mean very little.


Why do christians still struggle with depression?

Although I have had my share of breaks away from the local church, I have been what I would call a practicing christian for some time. I love leading worship and giving God glory and praise. I should do fairly well when I get to heaven in that regard. But even though I am pretty much steeped in the word of God and working daily to try to walk in a christ-like manner, I still get attacked by my share of demons. The largest of those demons for me is depression.

Now, I know we christians are supposed to be able to shake off the depression demon with a raising of a hand, bowing of the head, and a loud “SATAN BE GONE!” Sometimes that works for me too. But for the most part I forget about that stuff and find myself in a downward spiral into a deep dark funk. Sure, I take medication for it. Over the years that medication has changed, as has the strength. I’m not ashamed to share that with you either because I know that someone out there in Blogger land struggles with the same thing. But even with the medications, and the knowledge that God can relieve the stranglehold of depression, we still tend to keep ourselves there in the darkness for way longer than we should.

Psalm 40:1-3

(1) I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. (2) He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. (3) And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.

Depression is no laughing matter. Too many times it is taken too lightly by those around us who may not ever understand what is going on inside you. Usually someone who is severely depressed either shares nothing at all about what’s going on in their heads, or they share so much that the people they are associated with eventually just don’t want to be around them anymore. Neither of these is going to help. We can’t rely on others to help get us out of the depressed mode. And we can never do it ourselves either. The first thing we have to do is give it to God. Stay focused on that request. Pray for Him to take this burden off you, and continue until he does. I’m not suggesting that you drop the medications by no means. God may be helping you out by putting you in a position to get treatment. You can’t put God in a box and expect him to use just one way of coming to your aid. He will put people and things in your path to help you overcome the depression. That includes doctors and the medications they prescribe. Needless to say if you feel you are dealing with depression pray for first and ask God to assist you. If you feel the nudge to go to a doctor then go! Don’t put it off.

Sounds like I have all the answers? No. I still struggle with it every day. I have good days and bad days. But I am aware of it and I recognize immediately what I have to do to move forward. I pray that this article reaches you, that it lets you know you are not alone with this. If you are feeling depressed I ask you to join the conversation. Let’s talk about it and share our feelings. I am here to help you. If you want to keep the conversation private please email me at

May God bless you and carry you through your struggles.

John S.

Poor mans Dobro/ Dunlop produces the ultimate slide-Capo

Poor mans Dobro/ Dunlop produces the ultimate slide-Capo.

Definition of Me

Forget who I was.
Know who I am.
Don’t ask me to go back.
I am only moving forward.
If you need me to be someone else
Then you need to find someone else.
I no longer crawl in the shadows.
I walk in the Light.

– John S.

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