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Hurricane Isaac bringing false anguish to Florida


This pic speaks for itself. We have been getting hyped for days that we were getting hit really bad. Its not even going to be close. This is the reason for low evacuation rates. And for sure dont tell me the RNC prayed it away. Dont think there are any prayers being answered at Mons Venus, 2001, or the Playgirl club. Not to metion the rooms of 100s of Hookers that come to town for the RNC. Not every Republican is Conservative. Believe it.


Short Thoughts On 2009

  • Society got too busy keeping the world up to date with each and every movement of their day via Social Networking Sites. I am guilty as charged.
  • Tiger Woods is human.
  • Michael Jackson was a great artist.
  • Too many people get to express their opinions on cable news networks.
  • Less news is being reported and more sensationalism is being covered.
  • The Tampa Bay Rays are no longer the doormat of MLB.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have become a questionably managed NFL franchise.
  • God has been removed from the majority of workplaces in America.
  • Terrorism is alive and well. I’ve had explosions in my underwear, but never from chemicals and gunpowder.
  • Church is a good place to “start” learning about God.
  • We are all Worshipers of something.
  • Seatbelts and airbags save lives.
  • You can never have too much insurance.
  • It’s hard to find the right kind of cheese to make queso dip with.
  • LED Christmas Lights just aren’t the same as the old-fashioned ones.
  • Andy Rooney looks like a puppet when he talks.
  • Some people love to complain about everything.
  • Smoked Turkey is worth the time.
  • Grandchildren are worth living for.
  • There is no job more important than your family.
  • More to come………….

“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of Social Networking

This article may not be speaking to everyone out there. But if you are an internet surfer you would have to be living under a rock not to know about social networking and the multiple avenues there are to finding former acquaintances, meeting new people, and having just a tiny connection someone famous.

There are a lot of great benefits to being in a social network. There are also some disadvantages. This list is by no means complete, but before I head out the door into the rat race that is I-75 south, I thought I would take a few minutes to get my brain working and share a few of my rants:

The Good:

  • Social Networking let’s you touch base with so many people you have lost track of in your life. Old high school friends, past co-workers, and even family members. For me, there were some special people in my life when I was in school. Over the years I thought about them, but the relationship had gotten so distant that I figured we would never communicate again. Then came Facebook. Now that friendship has been renewed and is probably closer, (at least from my perspective) even though we are 900 miles away from each other, than it was when I was in high school. Why? I finally matured enough to actually be able to communicate. (*It’s a guy thing.)
  • Social Networking allows you to keep up with your favorite music or movie stars, giving you a little star power. Not that long ago you were lucky to ever see someone famous out in public, or in a “real” situation. Now you can make contact on a daily basis. I have people in music and radio on my Twitter and Facebook page. There isn’t a day goes by I don’t hear from them.
  • Social Networking allows you to share your views – More on this later because it also fits into the other two categories
  • Social Networking allows you to be an intimate part of peoples lives when they need it most. I am constantly getting prayer request from friends. I love to pray for them and share their hurts. We could all use some prayer and I will be the first one in line if you’re giving them out.
  • Like your car or your home, your Social Networking site says who you are. You are defined by your messages and posts, and you have the ability to be an ambassador for Christ on a daily basis.

The Bad:

  • Social Networking gives you courage to speak your mind, even though you really shouldn’t. I can’t tell you how many times I have had an “uh oh” moment on Twitter and Facebook. Luckily I have limited myself to those two networks. (I stopped doing MySpace because of all the unsavory advertisements I kept getting.) I would suggest to all of you fellow networkers out there, stay off of the network when you are hurt or angry. What you say will come back to bite you eventually and I am guilty as charged.  Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean it’s a good one.
  • Social Networking allows people to find you that you don’t necessarily WANT to have back in your life. There are some of us who walked away from an unhealthy lifestyle and those that were smack dab in the middle of it. It can be extremely unhealthy to open the door back up to those thoughts and connections. (I will say it gives you a chance to minister though)
  • Social Networking can become addictive. Many people spend hours at a time sitting in front of their computer adding meaningless applications, sending friend requests, responding to other peoples comments, and playing online games. I have done it and have seen people who spend 8-10 hours a day on it easily into the wee hours of the night. It takes away from your rest, your family, your marriage, and your time.

The Ugly:

  • There are a lot of kids on Social Networking sites. When I first started with My Space my thought was it would help me stay in touch with the many young friends I had at church as well as my own kids.( I have always considered myself a pretty hip Dad) In doing so I found myself being the “Sargent At Arms” for many of my church family’s kids. Sure, the boys like to use colorful language because it makes them feel older. But the scariest part was how far the young girls will put themselves out there without a thought. Parents, I know your kids get tired of hearing you harp. But do yourselves a favor, make it a rule in your house that the kids keep their social networks open for your viewing. If you have a teenage girl and she has 200+ friends on her friend list, I promise she doesn’t know that many people. Sexual predators are real and misrepresent themselves on the internet all the time. We have got to teach our kids not to have “It will never happen to me” mentalities. This is a sick world and the internet is a major contributor to that sickness.
  • Keep politics to a minimum. If you want to keep the friends you have now, don’t discuss politics. You are going to find that a lot of people you love are going to abandon you when they find out your political views don’t match theirs. Can you have a friendly discussion about politics? Rarely. Political passion was the driving force behind creating this nation. It is also the driving force behind every war. (See the Good section…sharing your views)
  • Don’t replace “Drunk and Dialing” with “Smashed and Social”. Just go to bed people. I am not going to tell you not to have a drink. I am telling you that your courage (or stupidity) increases as you consume alcohol. I spent many years playing music in a bar atmosphere. The later it got, the braver the crowd. The same is true with networking. You will wake up the next morning, and there for everyone to see is something you don’t remember saying and can never take back. You will lose friends, hurt family, and possibly even lose your job because of it.

Final thoughts: At the end of the day it is up to each and every one of us to regulate how we use Social Networking. It is a great tool. But it is also a time consumer. If we let anything consume our time it should be God. Nothing can replace those quiet moments with him. Nothing can give you comfort and insight like finding that special bible passage, or praying and thanking God for all the blessings he has given us. Be responsible both in your human life and your spiritual life.

This article has given me a chance to really put some thought into how I spend my time. I hope it has done the same for you. Perhaps you have some additions to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” list. Please add them in and I will share all the comments with a repost of this article in a few weeks. If you do not want me to share your name, simply tell me in your response  and I will keep that between us. I regulate all of the comments on this site.

Ok, It’s Over………..Now What?

Last night I had the opportunity to watch as America’s first black president crossed the finish line, something that could not be imagined by anyone from my home town of Sturgis Ky in the 1960’s. I remember well the large number of people in our community who openly used the “N” word in public gatherings, even to black peoples faces.thankyou_banner

My parents and grandparents were part of this as were many of the people I was taught to respect and look up to. I didn’t undertand it, but thought it must be ok if they were doing it. Many times I could see the hurt in the faces of black children I went to school with as well as the caution of being too friendly to us. You see, I didn’t understand the real black America. I didn’t understand the racial divide that had been taking place for centuries. All I knew was that those blacks they showed on the news every evening getting hosed by the police or beat up with clubs were just a bunch of trouble makers who needed to go back to the ghetto where they belonged and stay there.

Through my 12 years in the public schools I built friendships with many black schoolmates. Still, I hesitated to bring them home due to what my parents may think or say. Even still, I had a hard time seeing black males courting white females. This was the ultimate taboo of our time in my region. It would enrage and sicken me and to this day I do not know why.

It has taken a long time for me to move  past the ill-feelings of interacial relationships. Looking back I am sure being pursuaded in my youth by so many that I looked up to made it all the more difficult. Even now it raises it’s ugly head when I least expect it. But I am not the same. I realize that two people have the right to choose who to spend their life with regardless of race. Everyone must live with their own choices in whatever it is they pursue….period!

I am proud of our country for making a stand in this election year. Although the deep rooted racial hate still resides in this country, it is progressing in a positive manor towards resolution, and inevitably, extinction. We may not see it in our lifetime, but perhaps in our children’s lifetime.

So now it is on to the business of running the country. We have wars to conclude, economy to fix, major health care needs, and a whole lot of world relationships to mend. Good luck Barack. May God bless you, and keep you. And may he make his face to shine upon you. And may he give you peace.

Peace Out
Embedded video from CNN Video

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