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Sad Day For Christianity

With all the crap of this world being constantly flung in front of the public, it’s hard to believe that someone as public  a figure as Ann Rice could make such a statement. But then again, ”  Why not?”. More and more those who have no substantial evidence to Christianoty other than a few prophetic words tend to stand aside and let Satan speak for them in a public forum.

How sad it will be when these people of greatness stand before our God and relenquish their eternity to the  burning of their souls in  the fires of hell, all for the simple fact that when given the op to share their Christian testimony they chose the easy way out and camped on the side of evil instead of sharing the challenging notion of their faith in the Lord God almighty and Christ our King. s

Where r u in ur faith? R u ready to carry the cross of Jesus? Can u stand even the simplest of persecution for his deeds? Pray and think about it.


Ok, It’s Over………..Now What?

Last night I had the opportunity to watch as America’s first black president crossed the finish line, something that could not be imagined by anyone from my home town of Sturgis Ky in the 1960’s. I remember well the large number of people in our community who openly used the “N” word in public gatherings, even to black peoples faces.thankyou_banner

My parents and grandparents were part of this as were many of the people I was taught to respect and look up to. I didn’t undertand it, but thought it must be ok if they were doing it. Many times I could see the hurt in the faces of black children I went to school with as well as the caution of being too friendly to us. You see, I didn’t understand the real black America. I didn’t understand the racial divide that had been taking place for centuries. All I knew was that those blacks they showed on the news every evening getting hosed by the police or beat up with clubs were just a bunch of trouble makers who needed to go back to the ghetto where they belonged and stay there.

Through my 12 years in the public schools I built friendships with many black schoolmates. Still, I hesitated to bring them home due to what my parents may think or say. Even still, I had a hard time seeing black males courting white females. This was the ultimate taboo of our time in my region. It would enrage and sicken me and to this day I do not know why.

It has taken a long time for me to move  past the ill-feelings of interacial relationships. Looking back I am sure being pursuaded in my youth by so many that I looked up to made it all the more difficult. Even now it raises it’s ugly head when I least expect it. But I am not the same. I realize that two people have the right to choose who to spend their life with regardless of race. Everyone must live with their own choices in whatever it is they pursue….period!

I am proud of our country for making a stand in this election year. Although the deep rooted racial hate still resides in this country, it is progressing in a positive manor towards resolution, and inevitably, extinction. We may not see it in our lifetime, but perhaps in our children’s lifetime.

So now it is on to the business of running the country. We have wars to conclude, economy to fix, major health care needs, and a whole lot of world relationships to mend. Good luck Barack. May God bless you, and keep you. And may he make his face to shine upon you. And may he give you peace.

Peace Out
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Election Eve Reflections

This has been one long and insane election year. If I had my druthers I would just as soon we put the two candidates names in a hat and draw out a winner. There has been so much made of this election that it surpasses anything I have ever witnessed in my 50 years.

On the one hand the ultra-conservative, true blue Republicans have played “Stand By Your Man” to the tune of Mr. John McCain, someone I may have considered for my vote had the Democratic ticket threw another mulligan out there like John Kerry. But, the Republican party nipped that in the bud for me when Sarah Palin was selected as the VP nominee. To put her in the same category of qualification as any of these candidates is a farce. This slick trick was aimed at trying to win over disgruntled female Democrats who had already decided Hillary Clinton won the election two years ago.

My being registered as an Independant is no mistake. I choose to vote the candidate over the party all day long. I can’t help but wonder how this election would be winding down HADHillary won the Dems nomination. In any event, the election has been filled with racial and gender ramifications. As a matter of fact I would not be surprised if we see racial uprisings and cries of foul if Obama loses. To many it will still be a shining example of the “white man keeping a brother down”. The newspapers and evening news media are already full of stories about how blacks are anticipating a coup by the white political system to keep Barack from winning.

Yes, I voted for Barack Obama…..early. I am not afraid to say it. Good, bad, or indifferent. In this election year he was the best candidate for our country. Not based off of marital preference (which I voted Yes to Amendment 2), not based off of abortion ( I feel like it is between the person and God, not government), and especially not based off who has been farmed in Washington longer (aka 25 years in the Senate).

Finally, I appreciate John McCain’s service to this country and every other veteran who has served. I don’t feel like that qualifies him as a good wartime decision maker. If anything, being a POW and being tortured as much as he was may make him less dependable in a pinch.

These are opinions. Don’t hate, just relate. It’s a big world out there and to think that each one of us is right about everything is insane. Just pray for Gods hand upon this outsome and for it to be upon whoever wins that they may lead this nation to lead the world once again.


Peace Out

Politics In The Modern Era

Are you sick of the Presidential campaign already? I am. We have been hearing about it for almost two years. As much as the Republican party would hate to admit it, that speaks volumes about the wreck the current administration has made of our economy and our lifetsyle in general. Of course almost any bible toting Christian in America is going to tell you they are a Republican because of the conservative values of the party. The largest percentage are against abortion, euthenasia, and stem cell research. Gay rights are a no no. And all point to the bible as their guide. So I guess to go to heaven when I die all I have to do is be a good Republican party member. NOT!

There may have been a time when the parties differences were clearly seen on paper. But in today’s society that ideal is about as archaic as the United Mine Workers Union. Politicians are people. They decide their party affiliation based off of the road they think will take them the furthest. Few, if any, Washington politicians ever go into office with the intention of serving their state or country a couple of years and then leave to go back to work in “our” world. Why then do we make our decisions on who we vote for by party instead of individual?

No man (human being) is perfect. We stumble. We make mistakes. We are sometimes misguided. We falter at key times. We have our own opinions. Are Politicians no different?

Ask yourself in this election year, “What is it that really matters about the person we elect as President?” Is it that his name doesn’t sound like an American name? (We are all of imigrant decent btw) Do we really think Republicans never have extramarrital affairs? Do we think there has never been a Republican that has had or paid for someone to have an abortion?

  • We need someone with a clear head.
  • We need someone who isn’t in the pockets of drug companies, oil companies, and large corporations.
  • We need a leader who will openly listen to reason.
  • We need a leader with the best interest of the American people at heart.

The closest resemblance to that person this election is Barack Obama. He is young enough to understand the needs of today’s families. He is young enough and inexperienced enough to not yet know what he can’t do. He comes from a background that emulates the upbringing that has taken place among children of this generation, and reflects the ability to rise above the obstacles so many choose to stand behind.

This year, lay down you party hat. Use you heads and vote for a real CHANGE! Barack Obama ’08.

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