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Passionate Politics Causes Strange Bedfellows

Here we are in another election year and the tension could not be greater. In a country divided there is a clear line between the parties in 2012. This is understandable as there is no greater matter of importance to a democratic nation than electing a leader who will be able to do what’s best for their country, even when it’s unpopular. But how is it that the American people make that decision as to who is the best person for the job?

It wasn’t that long ago that we would gather together every four years and decide which old white dude we were going to elect. To make that decision we usually got information about the candidates from our local newspapers, or from one of the three network TV channels we had access to. (Unless you count PBS and managed to stay awake through a CSPAN broadcast). Then came along cable TV and  the dawn of 24hr news channels. That changed the whole playing field. If candidates couldn’t get enough exposure on one of the big three,( CBS, NBC, ABC )they would simply find face time on one of the many 24hr news networks.

That brings me to my next point, 24hr news networks. Unless you are a teenage girl at a slumber party, how can you find something to talk about 24hrs a day? Not only that, but how can you keep the conversation fresh? Pretty much all the 24hr news networks do a pretty good job filling the time. But many times that filler turns into banter and gossip making it hard for the average American to sort out the fact from fiction.

In a perfect world you would hope that most Americans were smart enough to figure out on their own that these networks main agendas are like any other network: ratings. How do most TV networks increase or maintain a high rating? By providing programming you want to see. You want it to be fun and entertaining. Everyone has their own preference of entertainment. Some may prefer “Two and a Half Men” instead of “Modern Family”. Others are sports junkies and never take it off ESPN. And of course, you have those individuals who watch the 24hr news channels.

Back in the sixties and seventies the news was pretty straight forward and was held to the fire to report with as much accuracy as possible. In 2012 you can find a news network that reflects “your” views. You have the far right Fox News. There’s the left MSNBC. And somewhere in between is CNN. (both sides will argue about which side CNN is on). What is really interesting is that all these networks have gotten away from straight forward reporting of political news and have turned it into a 24hr debate channel.

If only that were true. Having made that statement there is not a debate on these networks because both sides are not evenly represented. You can detect a networks views by seeing how many people from the opposing side are represented in the discussions. There are usually 4 lefts to every one right. Or 4 rights to every one left. This is not fair and just reporting. It’s just a bunch of people filling 24hrs a day putting down the political parties and their representatives that do not reflect the view they have chosen to represent. What I’m saying here people is that if these are your only source of information regarding political candidates that you use to make a choice you would be better off reading the National Enquirer.

If this election is important to you then clear your mind of everything you think you know about each candidate or party. Dig into the facts of their political history and how they have voted on certain policies and laws. Put aside your personal preferences and focus on which person is best suited to be President of our Country. Which candidate is more in tune with those in the lower and middle class.

The final truth is this. There is a group of Americans who made their minds up in 2008 who they were going to vote for. And the answer was anyone but Barack Obama. As a matter of fact in 2010 the party clearly reinforced that their main goal was defeating the President in 2012. Then, they proceeded to continued to roadblock almost every piece of legislature to hit the floor without any regard for whether it was good for this country or not. All this in an attempt to derail the President. What kind of irresponsible attitude was that!

Being a registered Independent voter, how can I stand in good judgement stand with a party who has with blatant disregard for the American people’s wellbeing, continued to cause our nations average Joes to struggle so that they could foil the Presidents tenure. I cannot.

I will receive some hate mail for this post. I always do. And there will be those who will try to sell me on their ideals and their beliefs about our President. I aways do. But remember this, we ALL have the right to free speech. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t make me wrong. If you are infallible , then by all means I want to meet you Jesus. (Gee-zus for all my Spanish-speaking illegal and legal immigrant friends) I’m not infallible either. I’m not 100% right.But I will tell you that. It IS my opinion though and by order of the First Amendment I’m speaking it ; Just like MSNBC, CNN, & FOX NEWS.


Hurricane Isaac bringing false anguish to Florida


This pic speaks for itself. We have been getting hyped for days that we were getting hit really bad. Its not even going to be close. This is the reason for low evacuation rates. And for sure dont tell me the RNC prayed it away. Dont think there are any prayers being answered at Mons Venus, 2001, or the Playgirl club. Not to metion the rooms of 100s of Hookers that come to town for the RNC. Not every Republican is Conservative. Believe it.

Ok, It’s Over………..Now What?

Last night I had the opportunity to watch as America’s first black president crossed the finish line, something that could not be imagined by anyone from my home town of Sturgis Ky in the 1960’s. I remember well the large number of people in our community who openly used the “N” word in public gatherings, even to black peoples faces.thankyou_banner

My parents and grandparents were part of this as were many of the people I was taught to respect and look up to. I didn’t undertand it, but thought it must be ok if they were doing it. Many times I could see the hurt in the faces of black children I went to school with as well as the caution of being too friendly to us. You see, I didn’t understand the real black America. I didn’t understand the racial divide that had been taking place for centuries. All I knew was that those blacks they showed on the news every evening getting hosed by the police or beat up with clubs were just a bunch of trouble makers who needed to go back to the ghetto where they belonged and stay there.

Through my 12 years in the public schools I built friendships with many black schoolmates. Still, I hesitated to bring them home due to what my parents may think or say. Even still, I had a hard time seeing black males courting white females. This was the ultimate taboo of our time in my region. It would enrage and sicken me and to this day I do not know why.

It has taken a long time for me to move  past the ill-feelings of interacial relationships. Looking back I am sure being pursuaded in my youth by so many that I looked up to made it all the more difficult. Even now it raises it’s ugly head when I least expect it. But I am not the same. I realize that two people have the right to choose who to spend their life with regardless of race. Everyone must live with their own choices in whatever it is they pursue….period!

I am proud of our country for making a stand in this election year. Although the deep rooted racial hate still resides in this country, it is progressing in a positive manor towards resolution, and inevitably, extinction. We may not see it in our lifetime, but perhaps in our children’s lifetime.

So now it is on to the business of running the country. We have wars to conclude, economy to fix, major health care needs, and a whole lot of world relationships to mend. Good luck Barack. May God bless you, and keep you. And may he make his face to shine upon you. And may he give you peace.

Peace Out
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Election Eve Reflections

This has been one long and insane election year. If I had my druthers I would just as soon we put the two candidates names in a hat and draw out a winner. There has been so much made of this election that it surpasses anything I have ever witnessed in my 50 years.

On the one hand the ultra-conservative, true blue Republicans have played “Stand By Your Man” to the tune of Mr. John McCain, someone I may have considered for my vote had the Democratic ticket threw another mulligan out there like John Kerry. But, the Republican party nipped that in the bud for me when Sarah Palin was selected as the VP nominee. To put her in the same category of qualification as any of these candidates is a farce. This slick trick was aimed at trying to win over disgruntled female Democrats who had already decided Hillary Clinton won the election two years ago.

My being registered as an Independant is no mistake. I choose to vote the candidate over the party all day long. I can’t help but wonder how this election would be winding down HADHillary won the Dems nomination. In any event, the election has been filled with racial and gender ramifications. As a matter of fact I would not be surprised if we see racial uprisings and cries of foul if Obama loses. To many it will still be a shining example of the “white man keeping a brother down”. The newspapers and evening news media are already full of stories about how blacks are anticipating a coup by the white political system to keep Barack from winning.

Yes, I voted for Barack Obama…..early. I am not afraid to say it. Good, bad, or indifferent. In this election year he was the best candidate for our country. Not based off of marital preference (which I voted Yes to Amendment 2), not based off of abortion ( I feel like it is between the person and God, not government), and especially not based off who has been farmed in Washington longer (aka 25 years in the Senate).

Finally, I appreciate John McCain’s service to this country and every other veteran who has served. I don’t feel like that qualifies him as a good wartime decision maker. If anything, being a POW and being tortured as much as he was may make him less dependable in a pinch.

These are opinions. Don’t hate, just relate. It’s a big world out there and to think that each one of us is right about everything is insane. Just pray for Gods hand upon this outsome and for it to be upon whoever wins that they may lead this nation to lead the world once again.


Peace Out

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