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5 Reasons To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

What a crazy world we live in. If you aren’t careful you can get swept away in all the violence, discord, political rhetoric, horror, and grief that is the world today. With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us you may find it hard to be truly thankful for anything. But there are a few things you should consider being thankful for this year.

(1) You or your family doesn’t have EBOLA – Thats a pretty big one considering all the hype the news media has thrown in our face for days and weeks on end. I was almost afraid to leave my house or even send my grandkids to school because someone may have traveled to Africa and brought EBOLA back to Dade City FL. But thankfully, all are safe from the horrible threat. BE THANKFUL!

(2) You have a roof over your head and food to eat. – Even though our economy has been flourishing, inflation has pushed many of us to the brink personal financial crisis. If you aren’t struggling, BE THANKFUL. For those of us who are, we are still better off than over 75% of the worlds population. BE THANKFUL!

(3) Your daughter is not a Kardashian – Need I say more? BE THANKFUL!

(4) You don’t live in Ferguson MO. – Considering all the media attention again given to this one single incident I am glad that my family does not live anywhere near Ferguson. Of course, what happened there could happen in any small town/suburb in the US. (aka – Trevon Martin) So remember, it COULD have been in your neighborhood. BE THANKFUL!

(5) You are free to worship God or any other entity you so choose in our great country. Or, you can choose to worship all the things of this earth: Money, music, celebrities, sports, yourself,etc.- The God I worship, the one TRUE God, gave us “FREE WILL” at birth. You can choose to believe and trust in God, or not. – BE THANKFUL!

I myself am thankful for my family, the blessings God has given me of a decent home and a place for my family to live. Mainly I am thankful that I have the freedom to worship my God and freely express myself just as I am in this post.

Please take moment to post what you are thankful for in the comment box. If all you have are negative comments they will not be posted. (I’m thankful I have the right to do that). BE THANKFUL!


A Christian Making The Case For Legalization Of Marijuana?

ImageFIrst things first, no on has to tell me that God expects us to be clean of heart, mind, and body. I am fully aware of that. So I’m sure that makes many of you hypocritically consider me being a hypocrite by calling myself a Christian, yet stating my opinion that Marijuana should be legalized in the United States. 

Now I guess to some degree I can fully understand and appreciate many of the cases against legalization, and in no way do I harbor any ill feelings towards anyone whose view is contrary to my opinion. But as a practicing Christian with a moderate view of our society, government, and faith as a whole, I feel it is my duty to be one of those to speak up. The problem with most subjects like this is that usually the minorities involved in the discussion bully their way into winning the argument because the majority who are in favor won’t speak up! So here I am. 

There are many great reasons why this country should legalize marijuana. We have proven studies that show that derivatives of cannabis help with easing chronic pain, and are used to produce other pharmaceutical products for cancer patients. This includes children who have little help from the cancer research world with new treatments.

There is also the stress relief provided which could provide much needed help for all of the military personnel returning from the middle east after over 10 years at war. We are only at the tip of the iceberg in what may be the most overwhelming epidemic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) this world has ever seen. 

Yadda Yadda Blah Blah. Yes, I know. Not enough to over shadow the rigid chin of the far right. But after all is said and done, one thing rings true in the history of our nation: Prohibition does not work!

Currently our country is in a battle within itself over gun control. The far right argues that the citizens of this country have the right to defend themselves so it should be just fine that my Uncle Billy Bob in the hills of eastern Kentucky (I’m from there so I am allowed to point fun) should be allowed to own rocket launchers if he wants to. The far left says we need to regulate who has guns, do stiffer background checks, limit the amount of ammunition an owner has, etc. Neither of these is going to be the answer. But we have to have a fight over it because some lunatic walked into a school and shot innocent children. But, it’s not just this event. Things like this have been happening for a while, but we just felt it was time to fill the news with it. Of course, the events in Boston this past week didn’t help the rights cause any either. Two guys dropping pressure cooker bombs in the middle of a crowded event and then shooting police officers tends to give guns a bad name. 

So let’s turn the prohibition of Marijuana into the conversation of guns. If we prohibit Marijuana only criminals will have it. Marijuana doesn’t kill people, people kill people. (Actually I have never heard of anyone smoking cannabis and then going out and killing a bunch of people). 

But wait, what if we sold Marijuana in a store and required an age limit, and possibly even a limit on how much you could purchase? If it was a cash crop, then the government could tax it much like they have with the tobacco industry. If everyone had access to it then all of the billions of dollars being paid to Mexican drug cartels would go into the United States economy and would likely diminish the trillions of dollars in deficit we have in no time. 

Next question, can anyone put a figure on how much it cost to house one person in jail, pull them up before the judge to be charged and prosecuted, for just one small little burned out marijuana cigarette? How about what it cost to house the thousands of people who are in jail for a few grams of marijuana in a baggie? Meanwhile, the people who are bringing this product into the United States are being made into multi-millionaires. They are also some of the most cold-blooded killers in the world! 

And then there are our teens. The future of our country. The ones who at 13-19 think if it’s risky, edgy, I’m gonna do it because I can. I know that none of my readers were teenage rebels. They were all perfect angels. 

Kids that want to smoke cigarettes will find a way to get them. Kids that want to drink alcohol will find a way to get it. Kids that want to do drugs will find a way to get them. And please, no more of this gateway crap. It’s no more a gateway drug than alcohol is to cigarettes. OUCH! Did you feel that? I can’t tell you how many people I know started smoking because someone got them to do it while they were drinking. Truth hurts, but it is what it is. 


So now for the christian part of it. Again, I know we are called to be of clean mind, body, and heart. Just like everything else on this earth though, God gave us a choice. We have to be parents who talk to our kids about the consequences of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, owning a gun, driving a car, having sex, and every other thing that gets encountered in life. We can’t be the IRS trying to stop the bootleggers from running hooch. Everyone needs to be able to make the decision to use, or not to use cannabis on their own, and NOT be regulated by the government. 

The christian approach to this is like anything else, show them the path to follow. The choice is still up to them. Lead by example.

My final case for legalization nationally: This article in todays New York Times

Many of you will disagree. I know that. And I respect your opinion. But the time is coming. *I hope before I die. A recent poll showed that 52 percent of Americans are for legalization. (The rest were too paranoid to say yes). By taking a proactive approach,

*freeing up our police to take care of more urgent matters,

*freeing up prison housing to keep killers, rapists, and child molesters off the streets longer,

*adding the money needed to alleviate the debt we owe other countries so we can stand firm on our own financial two feet,

*shutting down the #1 trafficked product from Mexico and taking billions from the drug cartels hands,

the United States will once again become the greatest nation on this planet. (and the happiest!)


Soon I Can Praise You Face-to-Face

Lord Jesus, you took on my humanity and were born just like me. You honored the human race by living among us and as one of us. You offered your body on the cross, were buried like us, and rose again not only in spirit but in body too. 

When you ascended into heaven, you brought your body with you! You took our humanity to the very throne room of heaven. You are now bonded to us into eternity. We praise you and worship you! We are honored by your total commitment to the rescue of the human race. 

As for me, I can live joyfully and confidently because you have guaranteed my ultimate victory over death, grave, and hell. I can bear anything, undergo any hardship, absorb any sorrow, face any satanic attack, or endure any loss when I know that I will soon be with you. 

I’m not worried about what I will leave behind here on this earth. You will replace it all and give me much more. But my greatest treasure in heaven, Lord Jesus, is you. I can’t wait to see you face-to-face. I am eager to give you my love and worship in person. “And I–in righteousness I will see your face; when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness” (Psalm 17:15). 

Come soon, Lord Jesus.

Psalm 17:15 

“Because I am righteous, I will see you. When I awake, I will see you face to face and be satisfied.”

My Hands Have Been Silent

Many of you have noticed that I have not been posting to my blog as regularly as I had been in the past. If you are a regular reader, I apologize. It seem that as the title states “My hands have been silent”.

 The reality of it is that I have struggled recently with being able to put into words my emotions and thoughts. Since being in a major car accident in September, my routine seems to have me out of sync. Although my faith in God has not faltered, my willingness to call on him for strength seems to come only after I have carried my burdens farther than I should have on my own. I know better than that. But I also believe that as a human being many of us have a habit of leaning on ourselves first, and God second.

Psalm 121:1-3

A song of ascents.

 1 I lift up my eyes to the hills—
       where does my help come from?

 2 My help comes from the LORD,
       the Maker of heaven and earth.

 3 He will not let your foot slip—
       he who watches over you will not slumber;

Our Lord is with us every second of every day. He never stops standing guard. He never lets go of us. It is we who forget, we who let go of God, not the other way around.

Prayer: Precious God, thank you for always being there beside me. Even in the toughest of times you are there. When my struggles are at their peak, you are there to carry my burden. Remind me oh God of your great strength and the shield of protection you offer me from my faults and my demons. Help me to lean on you first, and make myself a distant second. In the name of your son Jesus I pray. Amen

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