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U Pick The Post

Fans and Friends,

Here is an opportunity for you to be a part of my blog. “U Pick The Post” is now online. Starting in June, I will be writing a blog post about a subject submitted by my readers. Each week I will post a different article through the month of July. 

To enter simply provide the following information:

* Subject (please elaborate)

* Your name and city of residence.

* A photo (optional)

* Anything else you would like to share with me. 

Email the information to me at

Let’s have some fun with this. If you have read any of my past posts you know I’m a lunatic so let’s see

what we can create together! 




Friend Raises Good Question About Social Networking

This morning as I was having a cup of really bad coffee in my office I steered my trusty laptop over to check the RSS feeds I receive every day. I spotted one from my good friend and fellow blogger John Donahue. The title was “6 Ways Your Social Network Can Hurt You”. Inside it he reveals how a potential employer was visiting his blog, and upon viewing some of his writings, was taken back by something he had read.  This didn’t cost John the job opportunity, but it did pose a potential threat to it just based off of content.

I myself have been guilty of putting some things out there on the www that I probably shouldn’t have. Sometimes we bloggers write them to get things off our chest by saying in print what we can’t say out loud. In doing so, we tend to remove ourselves from the personal effects of what’s being said and focus more on saying it.

Many people in today’s society live out voyeuristic lifestyles through instant messaging, social sites like Facebook and Twitter, chat rooms, and so on. Inside this little nano world they gain a sense of false confidence that allows them to do and say more than they should. It’s easy. Easy to get caught up in, and extremely hard to break free from once you have started.

Chat rooms tend to be the worse of the evils. Inside you never know who you are actually talking to or if anything they are saying is true. This is where a lot of young people get led down some dark alleys in their life. It is also where many married men and women end up having cyber affairs due to the allure of it being so easy to hide. But they are not really hidden.

As Christians we have to be constantly aware that we are not alone. I am not talking about the “Angel on your shoulder”. I am speaking of Satan. This is his world. He can take the simplest of things and turn it into his own tool of sin. Not just in a sexual sense. He can make us bold in our gossip and slander. Satan knows what you like and will turn it against you at a moments notice. You must be constantly aware.

So the next time you decide to copy the world with an email blasting someone, or to play flirt in a chat room, or to write some deep emotional thoughts on a blog in cyberspace, pray. Pray and meditate upon it. Ask God to help you work through it. Ask yourself how what you are saying or doing is going to to further his Kingdom. Wait until your heart and mind are clear with that answer. Then act upon it according to his call.

Why Not Every Day?

Many people have asked me “Why don’t you write on your Blog every day?” The answer to that may shock you. You see, I decided a while back that if I was going to write a Blog I was not going to be one of those mindless Blog writers who post something for the sake of posting. Now granted I have ended up doing just that a few times, but for the most part I have tried to put a lot of thought and process into what I write.

If you have a subject you would like my thoughts on, please don’t hesitate to comment and let me know. Please keep the subject appropriate. I will be more than glad to share my views on just about anything as long as it is decent.

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