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5 Reasons To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

What a crazy world we live in. If you aren’t careful you can get swept away in all the violence, discord, political rhetoric, horror, and grief that is the world today. With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us you may find it hard to be truly thankful for anything. But there are a few things you should consider being thankful for this year.

(1) You or your family doesn’t have EBOLA – Thats a pretty big one considering all the hype the news media has thrown in our face for days and weeks on end. I was almost afraid to leave my house or even send my grandkids to school because someone may have traveled to Africa and brought EBOLA back to Dade City FL. But thankfully, all are safe from the horrible threat. BE THANKFUL!

(2) You have a roof over your head and food to eat. – Even though our economy has been flourishing, inflation has pushed many of us to the brink personal financial crisis. If you aren’t struggling, BE THANKFUL. For those of us who are, we are still better off than over 75% of the worlds population. BE THANKFUL!

(3) Your daughter is not a Kardashian – Need I say more? BE THANKFUL!

(4) You don’t live in Ferguson MO. – Considering all the media attention again given to this one single incident I am glad that my family does not live anywhere near Ferguson. Of course, what happened there could happen in any small town/suburb in the US. (aka – Trevon Martin) So remember, it COULD have been in your neighborhood. BE THANKFUL!

(5) You are free to worship God or any other entity you so choose in our great country. Or, you can choose to worship all the things of this earth: Money, music, celebrities, sports, yourself,etc.- The God I worship, the one TRUE God, gave us “FREE WILL” at birth. You can choose to believe and trust in God, or not. – BE THANKFUL!

I myself am thankful for my family, the blessings God has given me of a decent home and a place for my family to live. Mainly I am thankful that I have the freedom to worship my God and freely express myself just as I am in this post.

Please take moment to post what you are thankful for in the comment box. If all you have are negative comments they will not be posted. (I’m thankful I have the right to do that). BE THANKFUL!


Passionate Politics Causes Strange Bedfellows

Here we are in another election year and the tension could not be greater. In a country divided there is a clear line between the parties in 2012. This is understandable as there is no greater matter of importance to a democratic nation than electing a leader who will be able to do what’s best for their country, even when it’s unpopular. But how is it that the American people make that decision as to who is the best person for the job?

It wasn’t that long ago that we would gather together every four years and decide which old white dude we were going to elect. To make that decision we usually got information about the candidates from our local newspapers, or from one of the three network TV channels we had access to. (Unless you count PBS and managed to stay awake through a CSPAN broadcast). Then came along cable TV and  the dawn of 24hr news channels. That changed the whole playing field. If candidates couldn’t get enough exposure on one of the big three,( CBS, NBC, ABC )they would simply find face time on one of the many 24hr news networks.

That brings me to my next point, 24hr news networks. Unless you are a teenage girl at a slumber party, how can you find something to talk about 24hrs a day? Not only that, but how can you keep the conversation fresh? Pretty much all the 24hr news networks do a pretty good job filling the time. But many times that filler turns into banter and gossip making it hard for the average American to sort out the fact from fiction.

In a perfect world you would hope that most Americans were smart enough to figure out on their own that these networks main agendas are like any other network: ratings. How do most TV networks increase or maintain a high rating? By providing programming you want to see. You want it to be fun and entertaining. Everyone has their own preference of entertainment. Some may prefer “Two and a Half Men” instead of “Modern Family”. Others are sports junkies and never take it off ESPN. And of course, you have those individuals who watch the 24hr news channels.

Back in the sixties and seventies the news was pretty straight forward and was held to the fire to report with as much accuracy as possible. In 2012 you can find a news network that reflects “your” views. You have the far right Fox News. There’s the left MSNBC. And somewhere in between is CNN. (both sides will argue about which side CNN is on). What is really interesting is that all these networks have gotten away from straight forward reporting of political news and have turned it into a 24hr debate channel.

If only that were true. Having made that statement there is not a debate on these networks because both sides are not evenly represented. You can detect a networks views by seeing how many people from the opposing side are represented in the discussions. There are usually 4 lefts to every one right. Or 4 rights to every one left. This is not fair and just reporting. It’s just a bunch of people filling 24hrs a day putting down the political parties and their representatives that do not reflect the view they have chosen to represent. What I’m saying here people is that if these are your only source of information regarding political candidates that you use to make a choice you would be better off reading the National Enquirer.

If this election is important to you then clear your mind of everything you think you know about each candidate or party. Dig into the facts of their political history and how they have voted on certain policies and laws. Put aside your personal preferences and focus on which person is best suited to be President of our Country. Which candidate is more in tune with those in the lower and middle class.

The final truth is this. There is a group of Americans who made their minds up in 2008 who they were going to vote for. And the answer was anyone but Barack Obama. As a matter of fact in 2010 the party clearly reinforced that their main goal was defeating the President in 2012. Then, they proceeded to continued to roadblock almost every piece of legislature to hit the floor without any regard for whether it was good for this country or not. All this in an attempt to derail the President. What kind of irresponsible attitude was that!

Being a registered Independent voter, how can I stand in good judgement stand with a party who has with blatant disregard for the American people’s wellbeing, continued to cause our nations average Joes to struggle so that they could foil the Presidents tenure. I cannot.

I will receive some hate mail for this post. I always do. And there will be those who will try to sell me on their ideals and their beliefs about our President. I aways do. But remember this, we ALL have the right to free speech. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t make me wrong. If you are infallible , then by all means I want to meet you Jesus. (Gee-zus for all my Spanish-speaking illegal and legal immigrant friends) I’m not infallible either. I’m not 100% right.But I will tell you that. It IS my opinion though and by order of the First Amendment I’m speaking it ; Just like MSNBC, CNN, & FOX NEWS.

Christmas Madness

Unless you are a complete recluse you have no doubt come to the full realization that the madness that is modern-day Christmas is in full swing. From people pushing around buggies at Wal-Mart that look like they should be drawn by draught horse or sled dogs, to the long lines at the check out counters, to the “Door Buster” not-so-special specials, and the hard to find items that you just have to get. If you weren’t a little buggy when you started this thing, you will be by the time you realize that you spent $1000 or more on items that within a short time will be only a vague memory in the minds of those who receive them. And before you know it, it’s back again!

This madness that is Christmas in America has been driven over the years by greed. The stores start putting out the Santa’s, Christmas lights, and wrapping paper before we even get the pumpkin off the porch from Halloween. All in an effort to start fueling that need to spend that is encouraged by the holiday season and in all forms of media. Top that off with some well placed cute little TV ads,(I’m thinking the little girl cheer commercials for a company I will not mention), and the gig is up!

The sad part of all this is that the true meaning of Christmas is lost and it seems few make any effort to revive it. Many people celebrate this holiday, but never celebrate the “reason”. To those, Jesus is as mythical as Santa himself. It’s just a story that was told over the years like “The Night Before Christmas”. But even Santa gets more props than Jesus. Among the majority of children in this country I would say that Santa is more recognizable than Jesus.

So this Christmas my hope is that you take a few moments to quiet your busy houses, bring together those you care about, and share the “real” Christmas story, the birth of Jesus Christ.

John 1

 1IN THE beginning [before all time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself.

    2He was present originally with God.

    3All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being.

How powerful is it to think that Jesus would manifest himself in the flesh to endure the hardships we endure on this earth every day, and suffer an awful and torturous death, so that we may find his grace and spend our eternities with him? He could have stayed there with the Father and left us to our own sufferings.

There is a 400 year gap in the bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament. For 400 years God was silent. There were many entries in the Old Testament where God spoke or manifested himself. But for 400 years he was silent. When he finally spoke it was not with a thunderous sound or through a burning bush. After 400 years of silence God spoke through the cry of a small infant child. The first sound heard after 400 years of silence was the faint cry of a newborn baby. Jesus.

This Christmas, remember.

Big Extreme Small Victories

In life we seem to dwell on the big things in our lives. We like our big houses, big TV’s, big paychecks, big burgers, big trucks, big boats, and big group of friends. We don’t like our big mortgages, big electric bills, big tax bills, big fuel bills, big insurance bills, or the baggage that comes along with having a big bunch of friends.

Our nation is one of Extremes. We freak out over 30 people getting a new strain of flu and call it a “Pandemic”. When the banking industry realized they had screwed up the mortgage situation in this country the news media was all “Doom and Gloom”. What they didn’t tell you was 35 counties accounted for over 50% of the foreclosures in the country and only 5 states made up over 95% of all the foreclosures. The guys in Idaho thought their economy was a bad as the people in California. Big-Extreme!

We as a country need to focus on the things we do right. Let’s stop letting the media dictate our fears and worries. Let’s focus on what’s right about America, not about what’s wrong with America. That would be a small victory.

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