The Problem with Christian Music

This is a great blog post. It’s not what you think it is. All you Contemporary Christian Music artists, this is for you.

The Problem with Christian Music.


5 Reasons To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

What a crazy world we live in. If you aren’t careful you can get swept away in all the violence, discord, political rhetoric, horror, and grief that is the world today. With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us you may find it hard to be truly thankful for anything. But there are a few things you should consider being thankful for this year.

(1) You or your family doesn’t have EBOLA – Thats a pretty big one considering all the hype the news media has thrown in our face for days and weeks on end. I was almost afraid to leave my house or even send my grandkids to school because someone may have traveled to Africa and brought EBOLA back to Dade City FL. But thankfully, all are safe from the horrible threat. BE THANKFUL!

(2) You have a roof over your head and food to eat. – Even though our economy has been flourishing, inflation has pushed many of us to the brink personal financial crisis. If you aren’t struggling, BE THANKFUL. For those of us who are, we are still better off than over 75% of the worlds population. BE THANKFUL!

(3) Your daughter is not a Kardashian – Need I say more? BE THANKFUL!

(4) You don’t live in Ferguson MO. – Considering all the media attention again given to this one single incident I am glad that my family does not live anywhere near Ferguson. Of course, what happened there could happen in any small town/suburb in the US. (aka – Trevon Martin) So remember, it COULD have been in your neighborhood. BE THANKFUL!

(5) You are free to worship God or any other entity you so choose in our great country. Or, you can choose to worship all the things of this earth: Money, music, celebrities, sports, yourself,etc.- The God I worship, the one TRUE God, gave us “FREE WILL” at birth. You can choose to believe and trust in God, or not. – BE THANKFUL!

I myself am thankful for my family, the blessings God has given me of a decent home and a place for my family to live. Mainly I am thankful that I have the freedom to worship my God and freely express myself just as I am in this post.

Please take moment to post what you are thankful for in the comment box. If all you have are negative comments they will not be posted. (I’m thankful I have the right to do that). BE THANKFUL!

Here’s your sign!

By John Shelton

Being at the age I am there are a lot of things making themselves much clearer to me than when I was a young lad. (a) It’s harder to get out of bed with each passing day. (b) There is a loss of self relevance with society. (c) The next generation is trying to put folks like me out to pasture well before our time. (d) Nobody really cares what I think anymore. These are just a few.

No matter what the age, we tend to ignore the signs that would propel us in a different direction. The signs are there. But we either just miss them, or we ignore them.

It’s the same with God’s will. We spend so much time trying to do “our will” that we miss what God has in store for us. As a singer I have always felt like God had plans to use the gift of vocals He had given me for His purpose. I didn’t listen. I tried to do things my way for a very long time. Then when I did finally hear what God was clearly saying to me it was pretty much too late.

I can make up excuses like “If churches had been formatted to do contemporary when I was young I very well would have stayed there and thrived”. But they didn’t. Singing 100 verses of “Just As I AM” was not exactly my 18 year old selfs idea of cool! But church offered me no real avenue to use my gifts.

Now, after several up and down years, and being a part of worship ministries at 3 different churches, I clearly see that I missed the signs God gave me about where He wanted me. So what’s next?

I would love for my readers to chime in and offer your feelings about being taken from the front of the line to the back of the line when serving at church.

God bless!

John S.

Robin Williams Had ‘Serious Money Troubles’ In Months Before His Death, Claims Friend — Was The Pressure Too Much?

More to come on this post. But as someone who struggles with medical depression, I felt it was worth sharing.

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