About Suthrn1

John is a Christian singer/songwriter and currently volunteers his time and talents to the fastest growing church in east Pasco County FL, New Walk Church. He has a son and daughter, a beautiful grand-daughter, a new grandson, an awesome Jack Russell terrier named Pete, and a wonderful wife of 10 years, Karla.

John enjoys watching Tampa Bay Buccaneer Football and Tampa Bay Rays Baseball. He is an avid music fan and musician. He plays guitar, bass guitar, and dabbles with keyboards and drums. He is also into media arts such as film and video. John enjoys writing music and blogging as well.

  1. I just finished reading your latest entries and you are truly a son to be proud of. I am truly blessed knowing that you are serving the Lord and doing his will!
    May God continue to bless you with good health, wealth and the grace to face the things that come at you in everyday life. Be still and know that he is God..and you will find that quiet place that you desire.

    I love you Son

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