Top 10 Reasons Ear Plugs A Must At Church

The time has come for churches to consider supplying disposable ear plugs at the door for members and guests. There are several reasons for this that rate from health issues to mental health issues. As a service to this blog community I am listing a few good reasons below:

10.Ear plugs keep the volume down as not to hurt your ears during Worship (wimps)

9.  Ear plugs keep you from hearing that “can’t carry a tune in a bucket” singer sitting next to you

8.  Ear plugs can be used in the event your spouse talks too much.(take home pack)

7.  Ear plugs protect your ears from the Pastor screaming “WAKE UP”

6.  Ear plugs keep you from waking up when the Pastor screams “WAKE UP”

5.  Ear plugs come in handy when you are looking for something to throw at the person sitting in front of you talking during church service.

4.  Ear plugs serve as dipsticks to check the level of ear wax build up in your ears

3.  Ear plugs make good substitutes for chewing gum if the Pastor speaks too long

2.  Handing out ear plugs says to the congregation “The volume is as low as it’s gonna go”

1.  Ear plugs give you a solid excuse when someone is complaining to say, “what?what?”

Pass this on to someone you love……and someone not so much!


About suthrn1

Christian singer/songwriter/amatuer blogger/sports fanatic - I believe Jesus was NOT a Republican. I believe the state of our nation, as well as the state of true christianity is in peril. Jesus told us to do one thing, Love others.

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